VR Stealth Action Game HIDE AND SEEK

​Clash of different fates! 3 VS 1 Asymmetric Stealth Action FPS

HIDE AND SEEK is a stealth action FPS game that is similar to popular asymmetric multi-player games in PC and mobile platforms, however, was reinterpreted into VR platform. The asymmetric match of 1 vs 3 is the major feature, where one player plays a powerful robot “guard” to protect the facility against three agent players.

HIDE AND SEEK is set in a far future, robotic city.
​Agents need to explore rooms of the facility and get clues to achieve the final goal. Guard, on the other hand, has to stop agents’ intrusion and catch them.

The difference between HIDE and SEEK and other asymmetric games are “room escape” and “infiltration”. It has a similar rule to “hide and seek”, and you can hide using structures that exist in many rooms, and you can use a variety of skills to ward off the guard. The guard, on the other hand, blocks doors of the facility, and chase agents using various equipment such as drones and security cameras.

Various activities from each side dramatically increase the game’s tension and immersion. Multi-player is the main content of the game, but the single AI mode and other variety of contents will be released in the future.



Steam VR



In modern times, the development of robotics has brought another era, causing many problems.
There have been as many issues as there have been major changes, including specification
competition between robots, monopoly on parts by companies, and groups that are against robot
civilization. Among many problems, the “killing robot” was the hottest topic of all.
The government has churned out robot-related legislations that were aimed at robot corporations, as
everyone could build an army with technology and capital. Corporations were monopolizing
technology and parts or conducting secret research against government acts. In order to obtain
information effectively without direct intervention, the government turned to “Hide and Seek”, an
emerging detective agency in the community. The leader of “Hide and Seek”, Markler secretly steals
government information and shares it with his team. The team will be reunited on a tempting request with huge rewards.

Agent character :

optimized for infiltration

Dar has a short charge rate for pulsed ammunition, which can disable the guard drones in seconds.
Cacher can use smoke bombs to block the sight of security drones and Vex, making it safe to escape.
Edih uses hologram decoy to attract enemies, creating opportunities for infiltration.

Guard character : optimized for defense

Vex is connected to security cameras and all drones in the lab to protect information from agent intruders. Also he has absolute power to send agents to jail.

Characteristics of roles

In HIDE AND SEEK, you can experience a completely different games depending on your choice. The agent character is designed to infiltrate the robot lab and steal killing robot related information, and the guard character is designed to prevent intrusions and defend the lab.

Strategic map

The rooms have the same location every match, however grades of doors and items are random each match.

Try to utilize the map strategically.

Hiding function

Hiding spaces such as cabinets are available to the agents, and the agents are designed to temporarily turn invisible.

Voice chat

The agents can voice chat between players allowing the agents to perform strategic tasks through this

Capsule Jail

The guard can catch agents and lock them in jail to play the game favorable. The agents can be rescued by other agents, but will be forced out of the game if not rescued for a certain time.

Hacking puzzle

The agents must solve a puzzle each time the door is first viewed, and after that the door can be accessed in and out freely.

Variety of items

Various items can be used strategically to reverse the losing battle.


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